16 OZ. (454g)

Lobofood FlaxSeedMix is a mixture of linseed, bran flakes and fruits offering a wide range of health benefits.

The health benefits of flax seed have been known for centuries.
There is also evidence that it may reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, strokes and diabetes. Lobofood FlaxSeedMix is a mixture of linseed, bran flakes and fruits which offers a wide range of health benefits.
Specially selected and expertly cleaned, our high-quality dietary flax seed contains both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber and proteins. Its soothing mucilage gel coats and protects the intestinal wall from irritants, promotes proper digestion and helps to remove toxins from the body quicker. Flax fiber swells after it’s consumed to leave you feeling full and reducing your appetite and likelihood of overeating, which is why it has become a component of many diets.
The fruits in the Lobofood FlaxSeedMix not only enhance the flavor, but provide an invaluable source of organic acids, pectin, anthocyanins, natural sugars and trade membranes. They also provide extra vitamins and minerals - mainly potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron.
Lobofood FlaxSeedMix is the easy way to add a variety of healthy benefits to every meal. Stir Lobofood FlaxSeedMix into yogurts, smoothies, milk or hot cereals. Add to batters and dough to make pancakes, muffins, cookies or bread.

8,45 FL OZ.

LoboFood FlaxSeedOil is believed to be a beneficial addition to a healthy diet for a variety of reasons - from helping with weight loss and constipation, to preventing many diseases like cancers and heart disease, diabetes and more. Using only the highest quality, carefully selected ripe flax seeds, LoboFood FlaxSeedOIL is pressed and bottled cold and stored below 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit to retain its freshness and extend the effectiveness of its valuable ingredients. Our special manufacturing technology also enables us to obtain excellent flavor and aroma. LoboFood FlaxSeedOil contains unsaturated fatty acids - omega 3 and omega 6, which the human body does not produce itself, yet are necessary to help maintain normal cholesterol levels and support the work of the cardiovascular system. Use LoboFood FlaxSeedOil as part of your daily diet in many cold dishes.

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